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New Updates

The Shine Thru is fast approaching on February 5th! We can't wait to see you!

For details and more information for the Shine Thru,

please click on buttons below!

Dance videos

Throughout the Shine Thru event we will have this song playing regularly every 15 minutes so you will not miss the opportunity for both volunteers and guests to join in on this dance! 

Our Dance Team leader Genoa has choreographed this dance for all! 

Click on the image below to view and learn the dance! 

The music is "Groove is in the Heart' by Deee-Lite.

Volunteer Dance Video

genoa dance.png

Guest Dance Video

guest dance video.jpg

*all guests must be registered to receive the link for the virtual party, the registration form has an option to not attend the Shine Thru portion if you choose

*all volunteers (including chaperones) must be registered in order to stay on-site and attend the event.

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